The Surprising Year 2014

2014 will stay in my mind as the year when my life took a change of course towards better things. So much has happened in just one year that I still don't quite understand it. All I know is that when 2013 ended I wished and I hoped and I prayed that 2014 would be better... a LOT better! And it seems I got my wish.

At the beginning of the year I was still living on benefits but at least I had an internship to keep me busy. The work was exactly what I had wanted to do since graduating. But then something tragic happened and ensured that my contract would not continue after spring. That was the last drop, it was the push that I needed to finally get in action. I was done with Finland, this time for good. I applied for jobs everywhere: Holland, UK, Slovakia, Poland, Check Republic, places I don't even remember any more. And I got an interview after interview. In May I got a job offer from Slovakia. A country I knew nothing about but I was so ready to move into! 

I have to pat myself on the back when it comes to risk taking! It has never fired back on me, but instead brought so many brilliant things into my life that I feel truly privileged. I took a jump into the unknown and moved to Bratislava. In just few weeks I already had a bunch of new friends who have become soooo important to me <3 I climbed a mountain! (I'm going to be repeating this for years because I can't believe I did it and it was AWESOME!!) I've met random people from all over Europe, and from outside Europe. I've gotten myself into the position at work where I feel like I have all the opportunities to make something of myself. I'm happy! What else would you ask for in life but to be happy?!   

Whatever I do in life and wherever I am, I always know that without my friends and family I wouldn't have much. The fact that I have a home where I can go back to if things go left gives such security that it's easier to take risks. So, thank you Family for letting me be me and go where I want to go and do what I want to do! <3 Thank you my darling girls for being there when I need you, even when I've been at the bottom of the deepest ditch with nothing but negative attitude to show. Thank you to all my new friends in Bratislava for making me feel welcome from day 1, for making this year so much fun, and just for being such awesome people, I miss you loads already! 

I wouldn't mind this year continuing a bit further. But on the other hand I'm curious to see what 2015 brings along. My first official, proper summer vacation, for example!


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