Vienna Christmas Market

Panic is rising when the time to fly home draws near... But before I completely break down lying on my suitcase screaming "I'm not going, I'm not going!!!" I can make a trip down memory-lane to the previous week.

At work Christmas was all around: Santa came to visit the customer care departments with gifts and my team had a Christmas party. There was also a movie night where we watched the Finnish Christmas story of the original Santa Claus: Rare Exports. I was positively surprised, the movie was quite good for a Finnish one!

On Saturday me and couple colleagues took the train to Vienna to see how the Christmas markets there were. I had been recommended to go see them by pretty much everyone. Arriving in Vienna and walking around the streets, which are already quite familiar to me, I have to say I fall more and more in love with the city every time I visit there. I'm not saying that I would still want to live there, but it's great that it's so close to Bratislava! 

On the way to the Stephansdom Christmas market we walked by the café where the original Sacher cake was invented. And once again people were ready to freeze their asses off in the queue for a piece of cake. I was actually more impressed by the mini-car standing in front of the café. Awesome paint job!


Stephansdom is the biggest cathedral in Vienna and in front of it lies one of the many Christmas markets that you can find in the city. It was veeery crowded, but we already knew that, so we had a plan: buy a punch and move on to the next market! For Finnish people pushing yourself through the crowd in front of a stall to get to the counter is a challenge. And standing in front of the counter while people are pushing you right, left and centre is hell. Thankfully since I have lived in London I know how to behave in such situations. Just use a lot of elbow and forget about all politeness and consideration for other human beings. There's one goal and you have to reach it even if it means a black eye for some stranger.

Eventually we got the punch and it came in the cutest cup ever: it was shaped like a boot! 

From the Stephandom we continued walking through the city towards Rathaus where they had the biggest market and, in Laci's opinion, the best punch. I love Christmas lights and the atmosphere that somehow comes with them. And Vienna was full of lights, all shapes and sizes and it was beautiful! Especially the Rathaus and the market around it was lit up big time and it made me smile. There we encountered some of the most violent queuers in the world but survived.... just to end up in a full-packed train back to Bratislava. It was the most awful journey but thankfully it only lasted for an hour. And we were already used to being squeezed between people on all sides.  


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