Housewarming Party

I'm a party girl; I loove getting together with friends, having a drink and going dancing. Since moving here my partying has suffered a recession and I've only been to a club three times. But it's ok, I've been busy with things like traveling, climbing mountains and enjoying the sunny weather (which is long gone now...).

But if I can find an excuse to put up a party I will! And moving to a place of my own, close to the centre, with space to spare definitely qualifies as an excuse! 

In Finland last weekend was the official Pre-Christmas, or Little Christmas, party weekend, which means that everybody goes out with their colleagues, gets overly drunk and behaves like an ass. I wanted to do my part so I scheduled this party for this time of the year. 

But this party wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as it turned out to be if I didn't have such awesome friends here! For example, I was provided with the most amazing light bulb, which totally transformed my hallway into a disco. So cool! Also there are some people with musical talent who were kind enough to perform. And it was perfect! In addition I was given so many bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages that I don't have to go shopping for wine for months.

We share the gene for Idiotism

The party was a success, if you ask me. It was so much fun and I'm so happy that so many people could make it. I'm also already planning the next big party for next year... So stay tuned.


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