Back Again

Oh Turku, Turku, you beautiful, wonderful city. Even though it's been only couple of months since I was last in Finland it's good to be back again. Especially because the weather has been amazing! Spring is here... which only means that the second wave of winter, we call it after-winter, is only few days ahead. 

I don't see any point in coming home for just a week so I'm staying for a month. I do appreciate having a job which I can do also from home! A month is quite enough time to see all my friends and family who I didn't have much time to see during the Christmas holidays.

I came home because my mum turned 50 and she obviously had a big party. The party was held in a beautiful wood-house area just outside the city centre in a theater. As is customary my parents had traveled to Estonia couple weeks before to buy alcoholic beverages and I had to go shopping for a dress (because I can't wear a dress that the people invited might have seen before). And on Saturday we all got together and had a great time! 

It was sooo great to see all our relatives and family friends all at once. Some of them I haven't seen for a year and it was so nice to have this chance to talk with them all. We have a very close family: my cousins are more like brothers to me and my godmother is like a second mum to me, so it really means a lot to me to get to see everyone while I'm in Finland. Next week I've dedicated to seeing my darling girls <3 And hopefully I will have time to go take some pictures of this favourite city of mine before the after-winter hits.


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