Fear of Flying

I've been struggling big time these past couple days, I must admit. The plane crash in the Alps has totally thrown me. I can't concentrate on work, or anything else for that matter, I am just in shock for what has happened and what the poor families of everyone on board are going through. What makes this case so much worse, in my opinion, is that it seems that it was intentional. Not a fault in technology but a decision made by a person in charge.

Flying is a great way to travel: you can cover huge distances in no time whatsoever. But in my life I've encountered so many setbacks when it comes to flying that I've lost faith in it almost completely. I don't trust that I will get to the other side in one piece. Biggest reason for my fear so far has been the fact that when it comes to machines in the air, it only takes one tiny loose part and the thing comes down with fatal consequences. Still, I recognize that statistically it is a safe way to travel. Human error I can also deal with, because from those the industry can learn.

But now it seems that not just error but human determination is what takes planes down wrong. And that is a BIG problem. I don't trust humans, they are unpredictable and unstable. And in this Alp-case we can see how human instability (most probably) caused the death of an entire high school class. I cannot forgive that and I cannot get over it.  

All day I've been struggling between panic and common sense, which will take over. I have no idea what I've been doing work-wise cause my mind has been on something completely else (probably sent Czech keyboards to a company that instead ordered a huge server). But I think eventually common sense will win... after all, what choice do I have except get on that stupid tin can and see what happens? I can't stay here, safe and sound for me is pretty close to boring. In order to live my life to the fullest I have to get on the tin can, take the "risk", if you will. 

As my friend put it, it is more likely to trip on your own feet, hit your head and die at home than in a plane crash. But I am seriously considering that in the summer, when I intend to be back for some holidays, I will find an alternative travel option. Who knows, maybe I'll make an acquaintance of a millionaire who likes to cruise around the Baltic Sea on his yacht and would looove to provide me a trip home... You never know.


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