Hauswirth Chocolate Factory

When I received an e-mail at work about a trip being planned to walk from Bratislava to a chocolate factory in Kittsee, Austria I didn't need much persuading. Actually I was supposed to go on a date on Saturday afternoon but sorry men, chocolate comes before you. So, over the bridge we went to Petrzalka and walked over the border between Austria and Slovakia. I still find it somehow weird that that was even possible and so easy :D

I'm due to fly to Finland next week but walking in this spring weather and already being able to wear a leather jacket I don't really feel like going... I'm gonna miss the Sun so much!

Did you know that Chikago is not just a city in the US but also a street in Austria? Well, now you know. Apparently the street was named Chikago because the houses along it were built as speedily as houses in Chikago were... Go figure.

The road from Bratislava to Hauswirth chocolate factory is about 3,5km long, so quite easily walkable. It's also perfect for roller skating! We were able to go inside the factory but the more interesting attraction was the shop just outside it. Chocolate tasters everywhere, the most shocking one probably the rum balls: you expect just some hint of rum taste but instead this ball of chocolate was actually filled with actual rum. No business behind the wheel after eating couple of those!

Hauswirth Confectionery was established in 1949 in Vienna. I had never heard of the name but turns out that the Easter bunnies and many other Easter-related chocolates sold everywhere in Spring time are all from Hauswirth. Kinder does quite well at this time of the year but turns out that Hauswirth is actually a market leader when it comes to selling holiday-related chocolates. Despite their bunny-figures and other awesome flavour-combinations my absolute favourite out of all their products are the chocolate-coated bananas; heavenly! 

After filling our backpacks with chocolates we decided to have a little picnic on the lawn of a very nice manor house just behind the corner from the factory. I would definitely not mind one day having a house like this one. With a beautifully maintained English-inspired garden of course.

And on our way back this hairy dude was sitting by the gate of a house and I couldn't cope! This dog is the dog I've wanted since I knew what a dog is! How cute and hairy and big and sweet and happy and hairy and black and hairy! <3 


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