Weekend on Steroids

Every time I step out of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and start my way towards Turku I feel like I've never even been anywhere. In Finland nothing ever changes. It has a sort of consoling effect on me to know that you can always come back to the familiar and safe place. What also hasn't changed is my friends; despite getting married and having babies they are still exactly the same and thank goodness for that. I do appreciate even the hangover on Friday morning because my friends told me to join them into a student party (we graduated in 2012...) rather than spending the night in the house where the walls had started to fall on me already. 

For Friday we had planned a dinner and a movie with the girls but the movie had to move when a party invitation turned up. We did have dinner though, in restaurant Fontti. They had re-done their menu completely from last year and it was brilliant. I took a pulled pork burger, but couldn't get a picture of it because it was gone in no time. It was quite enough but there's always space for ice cream, this time ginger ice cream with poached pears. A-m-a-z-i-n-g! 

Another great night of dancing in the best company. It was also great to find a new bar/club in Turku! A beautiful setting at the back of the same restaurant where we had lunch with mum a week ago.

On Saturday we got two of the cutest dogs to stay over. Perfect timing since dog therapy is the best cure for ailing hangover. Especially these two energy packages <3 On Saturday I had another party to go to so knowing that the dogs were going to be at home still on Sunday was quite consoling since I can't party for three days straight as I did when I was 20.

The part that I didn't anticipate was that I would be woken up at 8 on Sunday morning after only four hours of sleep by the hairy hurricanes. It was a very long, very tired Sunday.

It's been so action packed here with the weather having been kind as well (except now we're getting into the after-winter that I mentioned before) that couple times I've had this thought that it would be nice to stay... But then, a second later, the reality hits again: there is no future for me in this country still. No big, international companies that would hire an under-30-year-old woman and offer them a chance of realizing their career dreams. And the dry climate doesn't suit me in addition to the extremely unpredictable weather that rarely is to my liking. It would also be quite impossible for me to live in the same house with my parents' fridge for a longer period of time without causing eventual clashes between parties.

It's a nice thought that I still have two weeks to go. Loads of time to start thinking that "ok, this is enough again, let me leave". Enough time to spend a lot more time with my friends and also enough for me to start really missing my friends in Bratislava. I have this bad habit of getting ahead of things so instead of counting days for my next departure I will try to concentrate on enjoying these two weeks here.   


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