Because I'm Happy

The bus ride to Vienna airport before the Annecy trip provided some of the cutest sights I have ever seen. The bus didn't drive on a high way but instead went through this small town in the county of Hainburg. It was like visiting the past: the town consisted of houses and barns built somewhere between 1400-1700. There was a little square with a fountain surrounded by cafés, and manor-houses with their big, beautifully kept gardens. It felt like being in a fairy-tale land. I have to go back there to take pictures some day.

Even though I love such places, clean, perfect buildings and surroundings, I find myself being happy every single day here in Bratislava. The city is "cleaning its face" but it is still rather run-down from the Soviet times. But still, even with crumbling, gray buildings and the ugliest graffitis everywhere I'm so at home here.

People tend to become content with the very stable life. They don't feel particularly happy being where they are and doing what they do, but it doesn't exactly suck either. They are ok. I've never liked anything to be just ok. Average is not my thing. I want to feel happy, and I mean truly feel happy, every day. And I accomplished it when I moved here. Ok, before I moved here I went through the most depressing time of my life trying to survive from one day to the next, attempting to find something positive from every day just to get by. But even if life hadn't sucked so much then I still would have, at some point, looked for a way out. (Of Finland that is.) Thankfully I found it early! Here I have everything I ever wanted: a job, friends, so many places very close by worth seeing and visiting, ability to meet new people every single day (locals as well as tourists) and best of all: I am happy. Every day! That's a new sensation for me, especially because it's every day :D 

Next week I'm planning to go home (I say planning because there's a volcano in Iceland threatening my plans AGAIN!!). I can't wait to see my family and my friends, but honestly I think a weekend is just enough time for me there. I haven't really missed Finland yet... at all. But friends and family; every day :)


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