My Finland

I've had a rather negative outtake on Finland in this blog so far. And overall I am happier when I'm far away from there. But nonetheless it is my home country and as such very dear to me. So, thought I should write down some things that I like and miss in Finland.

First and foremost I love and miss my home town: Turku. There is no better place to be in summer, seriously! We do actually have very warm and sunny summers, no snow (except this June :D). With happenings like DBTL (Down by the Laituri), Tall Ships Races, Ruisrock and just the plane simple gorgeous river side with its boats... it's awesome. It may be a small town but it's the first one ever founded in Finland and a former capital, so there's loads to see in addition to all the summer happenings. The negative side to moving to Slovakia in June was the fact that for the first time ever I missed the entire summer in Finland.

The second thing, or actually two things that go hand in hand, is the sea. Something I took for granted until I moved to London and realized that not having it close was rather awful. And with the sea I must mention the Turku archipelago. It's unique and extremely beautiful! You may dream of beaches with palm trees and whatever, but if I want to relax, sunbathe and just do nothing but enjoy myself I go to our summer house in Nauvo. Another little thing that I learned to appreciate only when I moved abroad many years ago.

As we can detect my favourite things about Finland revolve around summer and nature. Because those are the best things that Finland has to offer (in my opinion. There are those nutters aswell who like winter....)! Peace, greenery, happenings and CIDER! Oooh, how I miss cider. Anyway, summer is the time to be in Finland. When autumn arrives people disappear. Literally! I don't know where they go but one morning you walk to work or whatever and nobody passes you by on the street.

So peeps, go to Finland, but go now! Or give it another year. And when there, remember one very important thing: eat Finnish chocolate !!


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