Traveling broadens horizons

I love traveling! Actually not the traveling part of it but seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I didn't quite appreciate how far Finland really is from everything until I "won the lottery" and moved here. Here I find myself in the middle of some of the greatest countries in Europe. Greatest especially in the traveling-sense.

There was an article in one of the biggest newspapers in Finland about how for some people traveling doesn't broaden horizons whatsoever. In the article the main point were Israeli tourists who travel in packs and only visit Israeli restaurants in the destination. But the writer also mentioned Finns who travel all the way to Thailand only to hang out in Finnish pubs and restaurants eating meatballs and mashed potatoes every day. I can't work my mind around such behaviour at all.

Lately I've come to realize that I fear things I've never been afraid of before. For instance, I used to like flying whereas nowadays I'd much rather travel by train even for days than fly. But in one and a half weeks I'm supposed to find myself on a plane again (I say supposed because there will probably be a historic thunder storm and no planes will be allowed to take off for the entire weekend!) going to a new place again: Geneva and from there to Annecy in France! I try to remind myself that the flight is only for an hour and it's very unlikely that Russian missiles or terrorists would find that particular route interesting. Nonetheless, even though I am freaked out of my mind the weekend will definitely be worth it!... if I get all the way there.

The details <3

Anyway, even though people travel a lot these days, going to a tourist-packed beach in the Canary Islands doesn't really count as an international experience in my opinion. When you actually get to know the culture and see how life works in the destination country compared to your own, then you can say that you have been traveling. And then you will probably also learn to appreciate the little things in your home country that you took for granted before or find out things that are done much better somewhere else. Overall traveling should be an experience that makes us more open-minded about people who look and think differently than we do. Staying in the pubs and bars serving your own country's food and music is basically +/- 0. 


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