Bratislava Zoo

I can't even remember the last time I was in a zoo. Every summer I planned this year I'll go to the Korkeasaari zoo in Helsinki, but I never did. Then I heard there's a zoo in pretty much every big city in Central Europe. Including Bratislava of course. Bratislava zoo is probably not as big as the ones in Vienna or Budapest, but it was quite nice. 5-10 minutes bus ride from the centre and about 4€ for a ticket. The ticket also includes a dinosaur park in addition to the zoo so it was definitely cheap.

Most animals were in different kinds of enclosures, but the camels didn't have any fences around them whatsoever. They didn't want to come any closer though. There were all kinds of animals from (probably) a local bear to white tigers and a pretty blonde lion. But the best and definitely the most interesting dudes were the chimps. There were four or five adult ones and one baby and the baby had ADHD for sure. It was sooo cute jumping on the adults and throwing stuff at them because they didn't play with him and every now and then one of the adults started shouting at him. They really are so human-like! Probably also much, MUCH cleverer than any human being... 

I must mention the rhinos... I've seen a lot of documentaries about them and know that they are considered the most dangerous animals on this planet but the size of them was a big surprise for me. Obviously I knew they were big, but I didn't expect them to be SO big. They were much taller than me and basically if they absolutely wanted to kill me, all they had to do would be to just step on me. Impressive things!

Aaand since it was us we couldn't survive the trip without getting a tad lost. There was a crossroads, asphalted road continuing on the left and an earthy path leading into the woods going to the right. Obviously the zoo would continue in the woods, not along the asphalted road! So, we found ourselves on top of a hill at some point with nothing around us, definitely not a zoo in sight... But we found berries! Lots and LOTS of berries :D

And there was also one cage at the edge of the woods containing the most dangerous and the craziest creatures on earth: a human family! Dunno why they were in a cage but for some reason they had surrounded this little house with a wire fence and were just having lunch. So yeah, maybe it was part of the zoo after all...


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