Mini-break in Annecy

Sometimes it's a good thing that people don't chance. It's also amazing what kinds of friendships you can make in just four months. I did an exhance in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2010-2011 and spent most of it with people from France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Finland. With some of them I have stayed in touch with through all these years and now it was time again for a reunion. In no time we had all booked flights to Geneva from where we drove over the border to France to spend a weekend in a small city, Annecy.

First impression of the city: soooooo beautiful! All these building that look like they could have been built in the Middle Ages (maybe they were too) had been beautifully preserved. I love old stone houses with their intricate details. And Annecy had loads of them!
We arrived late on Thursday night but still had energy to go party. So, in the morning a proper breakfast French style was required! After which we went for a lazy walk around the town. The weather wasn't favouring us much that day but maybe it was just reflecting our hangovers :D 

Could I look any more stupid-excited?...

On Saturday we had better luck with the weather. So we went to the beach. And on the way there I might have happened across pretty sandals made of leather costing only 12€. They might have jumped into my bag when I was passing.


Obviously we had a party on Saturday night as well, because that's just what we do :D But Sunday was the best day! The best day when it comes to weather as well as to the activities: we rented a boat to go for a spin around the Lake Annecy. And it was the best idea ever! Sunbathing, eating snacks, swimming and just relaxing like a pro.

There were life vests on the beach but I think they were just for sights. Because very few people on the lake actually had them. As someone coming from a country of billions of regulations for how you should pee and position the chairs on your terrace correctly this was a very nice thing. For once we were responsible for ourselves. Like adults are! So, with the liberty to choose, we left them vests behind, obviously.

I cannot explain how excited I am about mountains! We don't have mountains in Finland but Annecy was surrounded by the Alps. So the sights from the lake were pretty awesome! (Not to mention from the plane!) I could just stare at the mountains for hours, they are so beautiful. And the houses on the bottom of them, the vallies... If you ever go to Annecy, do me a favour and rent a boat!


It was such an awesome weekend. A weekend is just enough time to see the sights and enjoy Annecy. The atmosphere there was just so relaxing, food, people, everything just really, really nice. I flew back to Bratislava on Sunday evening, went straight to bed and in the morning had a bit of a shock when I realized that I was supposed to go to work. I was still on holiday-mode. I have never had such difficulty getting back to reality after a weekend. So I can honestly say, this was a brilliant one. Thank you to my lovely ladies in France, Denmark and Germany! <3 Special thanks to our host for taking such good care of us :)
Palais de l´Isle: former prison, "apartment", and court house


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