UK: We call it Autumn from the French word 'autompne' and later the Latin word 'autumnus'.

USA: We call it fall because leaf fall down!

Stumbled across that in Facebook and actually took it as a fact :D Knowing that Americans have "simplified" words from the UK English before (pavement - sidewalk, bin - waste paper basket... bwahahaha!) I didn't find it too far-fetched. Nonetheless, for me it's Autumn because teacher told me so.  

 So it's September finally, start of my second-most-hated-season. In Finland people have already dug out their woolly jumpers and ankle boots and scarves, whereas here you wouldn't realize which month it is. The summer goes on. This year I really realized how short the summer in Finland really is. ONE MONTH! Whereas here it starts in April and goes on aaaall the way until October. 

Even though I prefer this 6-month-long summer to the one month in Finland I have to admit that I miss the Finnish Autumn. Once again, something that is unique there. The scenery of raging orange, red and yellow and the fresh air. For some inexplicable, totally weird reason I also miss the thrill of pulling on the thickest woolly tunic, my orange tights and a pair of sturdy ankle boots (with heels obviously). I hate layers when it comes to clothes but woolly jumpers and tunics I love. But time for wearing them won't come here still in a long time.

What I totally do not miss is the rain but there's something nice about the fact that every evening it gets darker and darker. It's almost like an order from Mother Nature to lock yourself home in the evening with candles, a good movie and a glass of red wine. Of course when this lingo has gone on for three months it sort of loses its appeal when there's still another four months of it to go...

Even though it's not exactly Autumn-like here in Bratislava, it sure is "colder" than last week. And my body reacts to the temperature change immediately! I don't joke when I say that I can't handle temperatures under 25 degrees. So, this week I got sick apparently. Apparently because our family is a little freaky about being sick: we're never sick. And even when we are we don't really notice. Usually when people have 39 degrees fever they aren't able to function. Turns out I've had such fever pretty much all week but I've been just fine at work. We're like walking dead, just don't look like it from the outside even though on the inside our bodies are in a war :D

Usually Spring is thought of as the time for renewing your life. For me it's definitely Autumn: as surely as the new year at schools everywhere starts I am confronted with new challenges and energy. Next week I am going to the marketing department for a day to see how they operate there in case it might be my next interest on the job front. On top of that I was just appointed Team Leader for the Fun Team. A group of people trying to bring something else to the employees' lives than just work. And I'm in charge! I love arranging events and parties so this couldn't be more suitable. I just have to make sure I don't screw this up... I guess this weekend I'm going to figure out a "strategy" for the rest of the year and maybe something for next year as well. So excited! 


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