Ochutnaj Svet - International Food Fest

Stara Trznica is a beautiful building used only for special occasions. Like Beer or Food Festivals. Last weekend was dedicated for International Foods. I wanted to go there already on Saturday but because the weather was still a nightmare I saved it for Sunday when I would also have company there. 

They had countries from all over the world but not all of them served food, which was a little disappointing. For example Portugal and Germany were only serving wine tasters (which we tasted of course, Vinho Verde was a new and very pleasant acquaintance) and India's table consisted only of books and leaflets. I love Indian food and, as far as I know, there is only one Indian restaurant in the whole Bratislava and it's very expensive and not worth the money, so that was a shame.

From Nordic countries only Norway was represented. Their stall was our favourite, they had gotten the correct idea: instead of huge portions they had small tasters of bread with salmon and some herbs or waffles with different toppings. The opposite of this was the stall which was not a country-specific but just Middle-Eastern. They served a big plate full of hummus, a big bread and some chickpeas. Thankfully we left this stall to the end of our round cause we were so full after it. 

My favourite was definitely the thai stall with its spicy tom yum soup. Now that's comfort food! I added some spice in my portion whereas the plain version alone was too spicy for Nina. They say that chicken soup is the ultimate drive-off for flu but I disagree strongly; tom yum beats chicken soup 6-0.   

I love fairs and festivals like this and even though this one was relatively small it was still worth visiting. At least because of the tom yum!

This week September changes into October and I am going to cross that threshold in Budapest with a lovely visitor from back home! Bags are packed, tickets and passport at the ready, just have to write the "absence" e-mail and we're ready to roll!


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