Saturday In

I hate rain. I hate it a lot! It messes up my hair and my clothes and especially my expensive, beautiful, fragile shoes! It also makes a walk home from work unbearably challenging when accompanied by an outrageous wind. 

Sometimes, though, rain is a great thing because it gives you an excuse for not leaving your apartment all day. For me this weekend with the shittiest weather in history was perfectly scheduled; I needed a day to clean up the whole apartment and to read the magazine I order from Finland, which has been untouched for two weeks.  

I'm not a big fan of cleaning and I also find that living among a controlled chaos suits me much better than pristine tabletops and such. I tend to not find things in - what some might call - a clean environment. But every now and then even I reach a limit with the layer of dust on the table and the dust poodles rolling on the floor. And when I clean I clean everything at once with vigor. Starting from emptying of all surfaces from items of clothing, jewellery, dishes or shoes and moving them to their prescribed place. Then I do the dusts and clean the floor (wash it and all).  Even though cleaning the bathroom isn't such a demanding job I tend to leave it until last. 

When I start to do something it doesn't take me long to get it done. This also applies to cleaning, even though my flat is quite big. Within an hour I was done. And even though the flat won't stay in the clean state for many days, it's always nice to see it clean for at least a short while.

I have another reason for getting this place into a presentable state, though. A friend of mine is flying to Budapest on Tuesday and I'm going there with her for couple days, but for the weekend we're coming back to Bratislava. The area where I live is not what I would describe exactly beautiful and and welcoming but at least my flat is in a livable state :) 

So, even though cleaning is done I still need to start packing for Budapest and read the magazine. What a tough life.


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