Finland Visiting

Such a coincidence! All former customer care employees supporting Finland from last year somehow managed to book the exact same week to come and see their friends in Bratislava. None of them knew about the others planning to come here. Maybe there was a super-offer on flights to Vienna this week or something but it's just so funny but brilliant. We had our old crew here all together once again! 

Anni arrived already on Tuesday to stay for a week. So obviously that week I had to work overtime. Every day. Thankfully she had a lot of catch-upping to do with everybody so she had company while I booked my ass off (, not like that). On Tuesday I didn't even have time for lunch so when Anni suggested that we go from the office straight to one of her favourite restaurants here I was totally in. Food has never tasted so good. 

It was sooo nice to have Anni here! It's so different to accommodate someone who has already lived here, you don't have to stress about arranging a program for them so much. Just go with the flow. And obviously there was a lot of catching up to do.

Soho Bistro
After too long a time we got our group of girls together for an evening with wine... lots of wine. It was so nice! I miss them even though we work together, but because everybody's so busy we rarely have opportunities to all get together for a drink. Friday was a little difficult for some of us after that. Especially the ones who had a meeting with a personal trainer in the gym after work, mwahaha.

Saturday brought back the sunshine and warmth so we had a lazy day with Anni walking around in the Old Town drinking beer here and eating ice cream there. She also introduced me to another of her favourite restaurants here: Soho Bistro. They have a really tiny menu of Asian food (I would say Thai) but it is SO worth trying! Next time my parents or friends are visiting the first thing I do is book a table from there! It's a really small restaurant and always full so reservations are recommended. 

On Saturday evening we went for drinks with another Finnish ex-colleague and he really likes Jägermeister so the next morning was again a little challenging to some of us (not me!). He also brought us gossip from our sales back in Finland, which was especially interesting to me because I'm in contact with them every day... and I still don't know who they are.

Last week was absolutely insane work-wise: I worked three times more than I would on a normal week, normal meaning us being fully staffed. But I didn't really mind, I like being busy and Anni being here gave the perfect balance between work and time off.

Now they've all left... again! It feels so quiet. Although that could also be because today is a Bank Holiday in Slovakia so 80% of the staff in the whole building is out of office. Or out of the entire city even. It will be weird going home today, I already got so used to Anni being there :)


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