17 Days

It's December so I am "allowed" to spread open my suitcase and start filling it with shoes and clothes for the Christmas holidays in Finland. Three weeks is a relatively long time for having only one suitcase but this time the biggest challenge is that I should fill it with things that I can leave home when I fly back after Christmas. There's no point to drag, for example, summer clothes and shoes from here to Tallinn when I won't be needing them for at least six months.

1st of December is also the holy day when everyone gets to finally open the first doors on their Advent calendars. I remember how difficult it was as a child to wait for December to dawn on when we knew in which closet the calendars were standing and waiting. I also remember one time when the first of December came and it turned out that my brother had already emptied the entire calendar of all chocolates. Why he had then closed the doors again and left the empty calendar in the closet I do not understand. I can't remember if he got a new calendar after being such a naughty child but if he did I was probably furious :D

Since moving abroad I haven't bought chocolate calendars anymore because I have no space for them in my luggage when flying home but obviously couldn't leave them unopened at my place either. Usually instead of counting days to the 24th I'm counting days to the one when I'm due to fly. Stress is already gathering and this is the second day now when I have this pressure on my chest and my heart is beating as if I had just finished a marathon. Not comfortable at all but I think unconsciously I'm already so stressed out that it's affecting my physique. Other options would be arrhythmia or the over-consumption of alcohol for the past two weeks and now after two sober days my body is like "WTF??" I believe it's the stress, though...  

17 days is a long time for a stressed out person, so I've tried to come up with as much activities as possible to make the time run faster: This weekend we are going to check out the Budapest Christmas market. I'm so happy I get to do that while I still live here! This Sunday is also Finland's 98th birthday. Then next week we have the company's Christmas party and the last week I have booked full of dinners and such with friends. Should be good :) 


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