Christmas and After

Some people hate Christmas. Others see it as an execution of some sort. I don't understand either sort. For me Christmas is not a religious celebration but an opportunity to gather with the most important people during the darkest time of the year and enjoy wonderful food. Even though there are all the things that need to be taken care of before Christmas Eve (shopping for food with a million others, finding presents, etc.) it doesn't cause me stress... Unless my brother leaves buying his girlfriend a present to the last day and forces me to go and find something when he needs to work until late. But in any case you know that the entire city is going to be in the same supermarket and there's nothing you can do about it except take a deep breath and dive in there.

Turku Cathedral

In Finland there was no snow this Christmas, which suited me perfectly. We also had two hairballs to take care of. What's more the TV channels had finally understood that during Christmas holidays most people stay indoors and relax so they had finally chosen some proper programs and movies to show instead of the ridiculously horrendous "comedies" from years before. If it hadn't been for the dogs I could have quite happily spent the entire three days on the couch not moving a muscle.

Another short work week until we make the jump into the next year, 2016. Exciting. SO exciting! What is going to happen to me this year, I can't even imagine. Judging by 2015 and the year before I expect unexpected occurrences and hopefully truckloads of new incredible and joyful experiences! Disappointments perhaps? Probably, but bring it on, I'm on a roll and you can't stop me now! :D


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