Fit your life in a box

Packing... the ultimate nightmare. But unfortunately it is also a necessary evil that has to be faced when moving abroad. Although the process is very familiar to me, it always succeeds to overwhelm me: how on earth am I supposed to fit all these clothes, all these bags and shoes, all my books, bed linen, shoes, tea mugs, shoes, etc. into a single suitcase and one hand package-sized bag??  

The picture above shows not even a third of all my shoes. All important to me, all beautiful (except maybe the sneakers) and all of them shoes that I want to wear still in future. But, unfortunately, some of them have to be left behind. Good thing some of my friends have the same shoe size, it would be difficult to give my darlings to strangers. Because tossing them is not an option! 

The summer weather here is also proving to be very distracting. Instead of swimming in shoes and clothes I'd much rather go out to sit by the river Aura with a nice cup of coffee from Café Art. The river with the river boats is one of the hardest things to leave behind. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.


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