Midsummer in Bratislava

In Finland everybody's been celebrating Midsummer, the nightless night this weekend. This is the first time ever in my life that I do not spend Midsummer at my parents' summer house. But it was quite ok, even though on Friday I had to go to work when the Finnish and Swedish teams had a day off. If I had also had a day off I would have had to clean up my room... so I was happy to go to work.

Home, sweet home

Light lunch with cocktails

 The lunch on Saturday streched a little and we ended up watching football for the rest of the evening accompanied by cocktails, beer and wine. Finally I got to see some football!

On Sunday I cursed the fact that I had remembered to take all kinds of medicine related to flu and such with me, but the one thing that I believe will cure cancer and everything, those medicine I forgot! And that would be Burana. They probably sell other similar medicine here but I just don't think they are the same. So, with a pounding head ache I took a little stroll around the lake Strkovec, which happens to be situated right next to our flat. I shall now have to go and buy a bikini, because the strands of the lake are the perfect place for sunbathing. Oh, and have I mentioned yet, it's bloody hot here every day :)


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