Home is where your heart is

 For a change my flight through Oslo went without hiccoughs and I arrived in Bratislava tired but excited. It is only my 3rd day here but I have already managed to empty the local Ikea, gotten a Slovak phone number and internet connection to my phone and also opened a bank account. Although I must mention, none of these things probably wouldn't have happened yet if I hadn't had a lot of help here!

There's a saying 'Home is where your heart is'. I've always thought I left a chunk of my heart to Brighton when I was there at the age of 15. And obviously a big part will always reside in Finland. But basically I feel at home anywhere where I have a comfortable bed. That's why picking up bed linen was my first priority on Sunday morning.

On Monday I turned a brand new page in my life and signed my first ever permanent work agreement with Dell s.r.o. The thing that, for some reason, especially thrills me is that after a year I will be able to have my first official month-long summer vacation! On top of that Dell as a work place is so much more than I could've ever even wanted in Finland. Without going too much into detail, the working environment is great, colleagues are great and the benefits... yeah, I'll be OK here! On my first day the highlight was the coffee break on the rooftop terrace in sunshine <3

As it turns out I left Finland at a perfect time: today, on 17th June, it snowed as South as Tampere........ nuf said!  


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