Travel disaster

What an exciting start for the week! I always travel to work by cable cars and as an honest Finn I always pay for a ticket... Actually I don't. There aren't machines or anything on the vehicles to check the tickets so it's easier and much cheaper to travel without one. Except, on Monday on my way home I saw a girl taking out her travel card on the way and instantly I knew: trouble's coming!

A guy in a black shirt was moving through the carriage with a contraption beeping people's travel cards. Oh, the adrenaline rush! Next stop, come oooon next stop!! Fortunately there was another unfortunate foreign soul traveling without a ticket and the contraption guy got to him first. It took them so long to find a common language and then to start considering whether he had the right to be on vehicle or not that the next stop arrived and I hopped to freedom. And got right on the next cable car.
After the incident I've had this daredevil feeling when on public transport and I'm constantly waiting for someone to slap me with a fine. So, on Wednesday morning again, I heard a voice at the back of the carriage say something and then everybody pulled out their travel cards. Once again I escaped, although I probably wouldn't have if the guy hadn't been nice enough to check everybody else around me first while I pretended to be rummaging in my bag looking for the card until the next stop... On the next cable car I might've sat on an invalide seat and been told off by an old 'gentleman'... Not my morning. Anyway, I think it's time to get the bloody card. Or walk to work! As can be seen in the picture above I bought myself the perfect walking shoes :D

On the work front there hasn't been much for me to do; I've had the training and now I have to wait to get access to the programs. And that might take a while. So, I've been concentrating on planning a tourist tour for my parents when they come for a visit in couple of weeks.

An interesting experience was this volunteering event on Tuesday where we went to a rehab centre outside Bratislava to do some manual labour. But more on that later. Ciao!


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