One evening on my way home from work it rained quite hard. It didn't last long but it was definitely what was needed after many weeks of heat. I love the smell that follows heavy rain; freshness. So, walking home in the wet sunset I found myself feeling extremely content. I'm happy here. I have a job in a great company in a country that's easy to live in. I've had no problems with settling here and I haven't even managed to get lost! That's a big deal for me :D

Anyway, this week has been about reminding the world of the fact that gay, lesbian and transgender people are regular people just like everybody else. Dell is also involved in spreading awareness on this issue by inviting us working in Bratislava to take part in the Rainbow Pride Bratislava march on Saturday. I had to go and see what it was all about, especially since in my dear home country 10 middle-aged bricks decided to rule over the 166 000 people who voted for gays to have the same rights as I as a straight person have. I was truly ashamed of the fact that I am a Finn when I read the news this week... Civilized democracy my ass!! 
In Helsinki 20 000 people attended Pride. In Bratislava the attendance wasn't quite as big but loads of people turned up along the day. This was my first ever Pride and it was so much fun. I didn't know anyone there but the people there were the easiest people to get along with I've ever met. Everybody was so happy and having fun with music from such Swedish names as Abba and Roxette playing in the background. At some point I realized that I had been smiling for hours and the smile wasn't going to go anywhere. A brilliant day! 


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